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About Power Inverters:

A power inverter simply put, converts DC power to AC power.

Why is that useful? It means that with a battery and power inverter you are able to run any electrical equipment that you normally use at home, anywhere you like. 

Power inverters are a useful tool for powering standard household appliances that you may take with you on a camping trip, in your car or truck, or in your boat or RV. Some people even run power inverters at home with a solar panel setup, to take advantage of more affordable renewable energy.  

A power inverter works by converting a direct current of 12 volts or 24 volts from your leisure battery into alternating current of about 120 volt or 230 volts.

This can be of benefit when you want to operate and run mobile gadgets, powered lights, power tools, and any other appliances you may have with you.