15000 Watt Power Inverters

If you’re looking for a 15000 watt power inverter to purchase for your needs, you may run into some trouble.

Unfortunately, higher capacity power inverters are harder to come by, because most of them are created in lower capacities to handle the needs of those who need to be more mobile or off the grid.

Nevertheless, we have managed to find one that we have now reviewed today. Here is what you need to know.

Overview 15000 Watt Power Inverter:







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Lack of Options on the Market

Unfortunately, the amount of options for 15000W inverters on the market today is slim to none. In fact, after thorough research we’ve only managed to find one model that everyone seems to be selling.

15000W power inverters are not as commonly requested and in demand, which is basically why fewer people have manufactured and stock inverters in this capacity.

Still, if you are looking for an inverter that can handle all of your needs (up to 15000 watts in continuous power, at least), take solace in the fact that there is at least one product out there for our consideration!

Can 15000 Watt Power Inverters Run Commercial Appliances?

Generally, a power inverter’s true capacity, or rather the wattage in which it runs comfortably, is around 15-20% less of what it is labeled as. Therefore, a 15000 watt power inverter will comfortably run 12000 watts to 12750 watts. It can run a full 15000 watts continuously, of course, but ideally you don’t want to push the limit that way. In most cases, it is simply better to keep to the comfortable capacity range.

Given the actual capacity of 12000 to 12750 watts, we can now surmise that indeed, a 15000W power inverter can run commercial appliances as well as heavy duty power tools. You should even be able to run multiple at once, should you wish. 12000 watts is plenty of capacity to run an entire kitchen at once, or to run your air conditioning unit and your shower heater at the same time.

What are 15000 Watt Power Inverters Recommended For?

Although these power inverters have the capacity to run plenty of electronics and appliances at the same time, the simple fact is that you will be burning through a battery power source in no time. Therefore, we only really recommend power inverters of this capacity for use with solar panel systems, or with a combination of solar power and battery systems. As long as you are able to figure out your power source, these inverters can generally be used for whatever purpose.

We would mostly recommend this capacity of inverter for people who live in solar powered tiny homes or recreational vehicles. We can also recommend it for those who have businesses requiring a back-up power source should the need ever arise.

Review of our Favorite 15000 Watt Power Inverters

SUNGOLDPOWER 15000 Watt Split Phase Pure Sine Wave Inverter



This product is quite honestly the only one we’ve found at the 15000 watt capacity (45000W peak)– at least, the only one that we care to recommend. This inverter is a combination unit, acting as an inverter, an AC charger, an Mppt solar charger, as well as an auto-transfer switch. Although the price might give you pause, know that this unit is packed to the brim with unique and amazing features that make it very much worth it.

This inverter is low frequency, and is designed to be AC priority as a default. Therefore, when there is an AC input detected, the battery will first be charged, and the power input will be transferred by the inverter in order to power whatever load you need. There is, however, a battery priority switch should you need to reverse this process.

The SUNGOLDPOWER 15000W inverter comes with a charger that is rather powerful – up to (depending on model) 100 amp. This unit has a 300% overload capacity of 45000W for up to a duration of 20 seconds. This overload capacity, as a result, allows the inverter to more reliably run equipment and tools without any fluctuations and disruptions.

This unit can power things such as circular saws, grinders, drills, buffers, sanders, hedge and weed trimmers, computers, air compressors, monitors, printers, fax machines, vacuums, sewing machines, air conditioning units, refrigerators, coffee makers, toasters, blenders, electric stoves, audio equipment, satellite equipment, and more. At a 12-15000w capacity, what can’t this inverter run?

If you are concerned about the capacity of your battery source being small, there is no need for concern. This device thankfully has a liner switch (to the right of the selector for battery type) which allows you to adjust the maximum charge current.

In terms of features, you can expect the following: auto generator starting (or AGS), smart remote, solar panel support w/ mppt function, 8 presets for battery type selector, de-sulphation for batteries that have gone completely flat, 4-step smart/intelligent batt charging, and power factor correction. It is a pure sine wave inverter, and has several protection systems to give you peace of mind. It also comes with a standard 1 year warranty.



This product is unfortunately on the pricey end of the spectrum, costing in the thousands. However, it is the only viable option in the market, and it has cornered this particular niche. With all of the included features, however, the price is very well worth it, and most definitely justified.


Our Rating

We definitely give the SUNGOLDPOWER 15000W power inverter the thumbs up – it has many features to go with its high capacity. The price can be a bit of a turn off, but all of the features included quite honestly more than make up for it.


  • check
    Multiple protection systems and fail-safes
  • check
    Displays and LED indicators to help you monitor everything
  • check
    Can power many different things all at the same time


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    Better for solar power, but can still be used with batteries
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    Rather on the pricey side