About Invertpro

Invertpro first came to life in 2017, frustrated by not being able to easily find the right tools to make traveling a breeze, we decided to create our own website that would specialize in one area we struggled with the most - finding a reliable power inverter.

As a keen camper (and campervaner) I always struggled to find the right inverter for the job. So that's why for the last 2 years we've painstakingly started to review all of the best power inverters that we can find, and organise the reviews by size, as well as by use. We genuinely hope our guides are useful and insightful for those searching for the best power inverter they can get their hands on.

A little about our reviews
We don't claim to have personally used each of the power inverters that we use. But we are very experienced power inverter users and have learnt many valuable lessons from heavily relying on them while traveling. That has enabled us to be able to recommend which power inverter will do the best job for any given situation. 

We also don't generate any commision directly from the manufacturers so we're under no obligation to choose one brand of power inverter over another. But we do generate commision if you click through any of our links and end up buying a power inverter that we have recommended. So there is no motivation for us to bias a review based on it's manufacturer - if it's good, it's good. 

What else we do at Invertpro
When we began relying on power inverters we also struggled to work out details such as what power we needed, how to fit them, how to use them properly, so we've also created a range of guides to help out before or during your power inverter usage. 


Mia Clarke
Invertpro Owner and Operator