The Best Power Inverter for Home Use

If you're considering a power inverter for home usage then you've come to the right place!

Today, just about every single thing that we do relies on one thing: Electricity. From cooking meals, doing the dishes, even spending our idle times, we make use of it in one way or another. More than just making our lives easier, it has now been accepted to be a necessity in today’s society. Regardless of the seasons, electricity is vital during the dark evening hours and for regulated temperature control.

The vast majority of people rely on power directly from the grid, but a power inverter and battery setup can be useful in some circumstances, such as if you want to rely solar power, or place less reliance on the grid.

In this article we're going to cover everything you need to know about power inverter for home usage, as well as recommending some of the most reliable inverter options.

What Power Inverter Size do I need?

To determine just how much power you need for your household, multiply:


We'd recommend going for the largest capacity that your budget will allow for, in order to future proof your energy needs. It's likely that your power needs will increase over time rather than decrease.

Why Get a Power Inverter for Home Usage?

1. Easier and Safer to Operate than Generators
If you require electricity for a few appliances at a time, than a power inverter makes a perfect backup for your household, when regular electricity is unavailable. Power inverters simply have to be hooked to a car battery, and are simpler than most generators. Most power inverter come with the necessary wires for connections making installation easy.

2. High-Quality Electrical Output and Parallel Capability
The technology employed in the use of generators allows them to give a power output that is on par with necessary housing requirements. Inverters can also be combined with other power inverter should added power be necessary. This is because power inverters are capable of parallel connections, allowing you to use two lightweight and small power inverters instead of bulky generators for all types of applications, be it for outdoor or home use.

3. Maintenance
If you're planning on using a power inverter for home usage maintenance is more important than ever for the fact of safety. Classic generators usually have to be maintained periodically to ensure electrical output is kept at an optimal level. Apart from a checkup, it is also necessary to replace oil or fuel every 200 hours worth of use. Unlike generators that require frequent maintenance, all inverters require is a yearly battery inspection. 

Power Inverter for Home: Quick Buyers Guide

1. AC waveform
The smoother, more solid the AC waveform, the better quality of inverter. A sine wave inverter is recommended for loads that are sensitive, such as small electronics. Smaller households, like a cabin or those that do not have sensitive loads can still use a modified square wave inverter without detrimental results. These square waves are not as drastically altered like that of a pure sine wave, making it a cheaper buy.

2. Power Rating
Determining the power rating is crucial in the case of off-grid power inverter, because they deliver all the power needed by AC loads. These inverters come with detailed information which explains about their continuous power, as well as "surge" capabilities in the short term.

3. Idle power consumption
While efficiency matters in the operation of these off-grid power inverters, it also has to ensure that they remain efficient even when they are not working. It matters that it makes of as little power as possible upon being powered, known as the tare or idle power consumption. An inverter can consume as much as 50 W for this, and some can consume for much lower, at 10 W.

These small changes can bring about consumption changes in power, where 1 kWh or more can be consumed. A bunch of off-grid inverters can use a search mode for lower energy consumption in this phase, consisting of the shutting off of the features of this inverter except the search capability whenever no load is present.

This is beneficial, as many homes are in need of continuous AC power, including answering machines and security systems, negating any possibility of energy savings from the search mode.

4. Battery voltage
Nominal battery voltages used for off-grid inverters are usually at 12 to 48 VDC, and a surge in power and conversion efficiency is optimal for inverters with a voltage rating of 24 and 48 VDC ratings. Bigger inverters are designed for bigger batteries of up to 240 VDC, but in these cases, it needs experts to install, even for different battery constructions.

Making use of 48 VDC battery tanks isn't as advantageous, and could also be hazardous unless you need a bigger system size, more than 30 kW. Remember you'll still need to power your batteries somehow, the obvious choice being with solar panels.

5. Options
Typically, off-grid inverters usually come with AC transfer switches and a built-in battery charger, allowing for a stable backup source connection to charge the battery in case it is insufficient.

6. Surge power
A surge is defined as a great amount of energy that is given off at short periods of time and is needed in generators and inverters upon startup. AC motors, pumps, and power tools are just some of the devices that need surge power.

7. Conversion efficiency
Efficiency is measured based on the amount of power that is available for the AC loads to be powered. The ranges for inverter efficiency are usually at 70%, and some can be as efficient as 96%. Their performance depends on how much the AC loads get powered, in addition to properties of the given waveform. For low levels for power, typically at 100 W or less, very low efficiency of just 25% to 50% can be expected.

8. Neutral/ground switching system
The AC transfer switch is where the key difference will rise between an off-grid and a mobile inverter. To ensure a ground fault does not happen whenever the RV boat is plugged on shore power or onto a pedestal, mobile inverters usually add switching circuits, allowing an AC output neutral and ground conductor connection by adding more circuits to it.

This helps prevent a ground fault, which can can lead to electrocution, shock, or even death.

9. Backup AC load panel
You never really know when you are going to be needing more electricity, hence the need for a backup battery system. Backups generally require an AC load panel for circuits to keep it working in case an outage will take place. Getting a backup may be time-consuming, as you must install the panels and wire the individual circuits.

10. Batteries
Batteries are where the power comes from to get a device up and running. They should be treated with care, especially in places with more than one season. They must be kept warm in the winter, and cool during the summer. Batteries should also be kept in a safe place, away from pets and children. Most batteries last from between three to twelve years, depending on capacity, usage, and regime.

The Best Power Inverters for Home Usage

XYZ INVT Pure Sine Power Inverter

XYZINVT pure sine power inverter comes in various wattages and can convert a 24V DC power output to an AC rating of 110V to 120V, which makes it fit for most homes in the US. It comes with an MCU LED display which helps you easily monitor AC Volt and DC Volt rating to help better monitor working status.

Its small size makes it the perfect power inverter for home usage all types of use, from camping, RV, trucks, lights, microwaves, and all other electronics, regardless of its sensitivity. It also comes with efficient temperature control to prevent the device from overheating through a dual fan system, which also helps to keep the device stable.

It is also capable of powering up multiple devices at one time, especially in the case of small electronics. It has a low idle power draw, ensuring that the loss of the circuit is kept to a minimum, and operation is kept at an optimal level. Lastly, it comes with an auto-shutdown system for both over-volt and under-volt incidences.

There are incidents reported about the device not working its best, just a few days into operation. Despite that, it was promptly replaced, and the warranty was honored.

PowerJack Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

If you are looking for a device that comes with a 20,000 W maximum power and a 5000W LF capacity, then  the PowerJack Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter is the one for you. It is capable of converting voltages from 12V DC power to 110V AC and comes with an LCD Display for better power monitoring. Since it is running in a pure sine wave, it's available for sensitive loads, and coming with a high power factor, it can run various appliances that have engines, motors, and also run TVs and special lights.

The device has an auto-detect feature to make sure that just the right amount surge for the device is given because some devices need more power for startup to take place. While other power inverters need manual adjustment, this one does the adjustment by itself.

It also has a high 92% efficiency rating, with parts made from the most reputable suppliers around the world. It also has a UPS system to allow proper shutdown of the device whenever a sudden power outage occurs.

May suddenly shut down at 3000W of usage, and sometimes it suddenly loses functionality after being used for just a few months, with the shortest cases being two months of use.

POTEK 5000W Power Inverter

This sine wave power inverter provides a strong, 5000 W continuous DC power to AC power supply, with a peak power of 10,000 watts, allowing you to power multiple home appliances, making it the ideal power inverter for home usage.

The greatest advantage is that it comes with 4 AC outlets apart from 2 USB charging ports allowing for better electric conversion for a variety of devices. It also comes with protection from electrical mishaps such as over voltage, over-current, under-voltage, and short-circuit protection. The smart cooling fan also works only when the temperature reaches 104 degrees Fahrenheit, making it more efficient. The package also comes with the necessary power cables. Its great power capacity makes it the perfect companion for power outages.

While it has great features, one large disadvantage is the manufacturing quality lacks consistency, as several products are reported to cease working after just a few days of usage. 

5000W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter by MarchInn

This pure sine wave inverter is the perfect one for you if you need a power supply to provide a clean AC current for sensitive devices. Aside from being one of the most powerful at 5000W, it also comes with a panel and a digital display, making it a smart inverter. Just like other devices, it also comes with multiple protection and is capable of carrying 120 V of voltage.

Smart is the perfect term to describe this pure sine wave inverter, as it comes with an IC chip allowing for a more efficient conversion rate. It comes at an impressive 90%, which makes it 10% higher than a traditional power inverters. Since it is pure sine wave, it can be used on more devices, especially the more sensitive ones. This high rating is attributed to pure copper wiring. For better monitoring of voltage and energy levels, it also comes with an LED screen.

This pure sine wave power inverter does not come with as many outlets as it should, which is why you may need an extension wire. 

PIC5000-12 5000W Power Inverter by Royal Power

If you are looking for a modified sine wave power inverter that’s heavy duty, which provides a massive peak power of 10000 watts, then this is the one for you. This device works best for generators and other bigger devices, as it is designed with a great capacity. Direct connection to the battery tank is not a problem at all, as the leads you use to install it are also capable of a heavy surge of current.

Aside from the great capacity, it also has an impressive 6 outlets you can directly plug your appliances and other gadgets into. The case is made of Anodized aluminum which helps make it light and solid, and heavy-duty. It also comes with a built-in battery charger of 50 AMPs, together with an Automatic Transfer Switch of 50 AMPs, which makes it the perfect device to power up several appliances as well.

Those who are using power inverters for the first time may find it difficult to operate as the purchase does not come with an instructional manual. 

AIMS 5000 Watt DC to AC Power Inverter

Another impressive power inverter on the list is this modified sine wave inverter by AIMS. Aside from the 5000 watt model, it comes in various watt ratings, from 2000 all the way to 10000 watts. It has a lot of protective features which can’t be found elsewhere, and is one of the most solidly constructed inverters on the market.

The device has an amp meter for better consumption of current, and has 4 AC receptacles, reducing the need for extension wires for powering up more than one device. It also comes with an operational cooling fan, an aluminum case, and an amp meter for better construction. All these features make for a perfect power system should you need any backup for your homes, and even for vehicles.

Voltage output at times may not be consistent. Installation can be tricky as the voltage output depends on the wires. Apart from this, there aren’t many huge disadvantages. 

5000 Watt Heavy-Duty Power Inverter by Giandel

This modified sine wave power inverter by Giandel is guaranteed by their company to be of high quality. It is able to provide an AC Power of 5,000W. It comes with 4 AC outlets and converts power to 120 V for use in various appliances. It can connect directly to GEL and SLA Batteries, as well as a Solar Panel with a maximum of 600 W.

It comes with the staple protection mechanisms for electric malfunctions, such as low and high voltage, short circuit, soft start technology to prevent sudden electrical surge, all thanks to polarity reverse protection for the fuse, and an auto-restart function. Its cooling system is also intelligent, making this machine energy efficient. Its construction is sturdy, and current owners state it has a long lifespan.

Some products have not arrived in perfect condition. Otherwise, this inverter seems fairly reliable and robust.

6000 Watt Heavy-Duty Power Inverter by AIMS

Another modified sine wave power inverter worth getting from AIMS is this 6000 watt inverter. It is a pure sine wave type and is best for the most sensitive electrical apparatus. The smart battery charger is also built-in, and has various battery type settings. It’s one of the most solid inverters out there, as it is marine and industrial-grade.

It carries a lot of features that can’t be found in other modified sine wave power inverters, including an auto gen start features, and a peak power of 18,000 watts. It is also capable of producing more than 120 V. Specifically, it can produce 110,120,220,240 V of AC and can auto-detect frequencies of 50 to 60 Hz.

The biggest complaints about this machine are the constant beeping noises and lights that go off while the machine is running.