Best Power Inverter Brands Reviewed [2020 Update]

Overwhelmed by all of the different power inverter brands fighting for your attention?

Worry no more, we're here to curate a list of the top power inverter manufacturers, we'll cover what's good about each and more importantly what's bad about each, to help you make the best power inverter brand choice for you.

We're constantly adding more of the best power inverter brands to our list. Use the table below to jump to a particular brand you're interested in learning more about, and quickly see their top inverters.

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AIMS distinguishes itself from other inverter brands through its specialization. This company does not focus on a broad spectrum of power management and distribution; instead, their main focus is on the emerging renewable energy market.

AIMS was founded by Bruce de Jong in 2001 and this company has its headquarters in South Reno, Nevada, USA. AIMS has a lot of quality products that are affordable and in fact, they have been subcontracted by the Department of Defense, NASA, and Princeton University to help them with their power management needs.

Also, AIMS offer one of the best customer services you can expect from a power inverter brand.

Overview of the best Aims power inverters 

AIMS 180 Watt Pure Sine Inverter

This inverter is perfect for running handheld electronics in your car or RV. It has a compact design with a USB port and thermal fan.

AIMS 3000 Watt Pure Sine Power Inverter

This inverter has an efficiency rating of 90%, a no-load current draw of under 1 Amp, and it is a pure sine wave inverter that provides clean energy with low harmonic distortion.

AIMS Power 10,000 Watt 12VDC Pure Sine Power Inverter

This is a modified sine wave inverter with Pulse Width Modulation technology, an LED display, and a remote on/off switch.


Samlex was found in 1991 and they are especially good at manufacturing pure sine wave inverters but that is not to say they do not make modified sine wave inverters. They specialize in power distribution services.

Apart from power inverters, they also manufacture battery chargers, power supplies, and radio communication cabinets. Regardless, all of Samlex power inverters are noted for their excellent handling of heat dispersion. This brand of inverter is noted for being one of the more expensive brands although not the most expensive.

Samlex inverters have an innovative commercial grade design and they are suitable for long periods of continuous operation, heavy duty loads, and for emergency back-up power.

Samlex PST-120-12 Pure Sine Wave Inverter 120 Watts

This product features a slim low profile design, it is quiet in operation, and it has a USB charging port for peripheral electronics.

Samlex SA-3000K-112 12V 3000 Watt DC/AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter

This is an industrial grade inverter that is silent in operation, has two GFCI protected outlets, and it produces clean and reliable AC power.